Everyone goes home healthy

At Element, the wellbeing of our team and their families is our highest priority.

Our embedded culture is safety and we promote that daily through interaction, training, competency assurance, mentorship and by the utilization of tools established by our team. We believe it is essential for everyone to have a voice and we encourage them to speak up to ensure they feel supported in expressing themselves.

Our safety culture and safety success is solidified through results. Since our inception in 2013, Element is proudly lost time incident free.

We at Element employ a team approach when it comes to safety. We recognize the importance of working directly with our clients to align and integrate our programs, creating a unified approach to safety through group hazard assessment and identification. This approach ensures all hazards are controlled before the work begins.

Safety is at the forefront of every plan we formulate and we are COR, ISNETWORLD, and AVETTA certified.